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Friends of PWR

Located in Guilford County, NC, Piedmont Wildlife Rehab, Inc. is classified 501(c)(3) by the IRS, donations are tax deductible.

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Friends of PWR
Rita's Gift

Melissa and Rita

Rita's Gift

I had not seen Rita in about twenty years. I was so anxious to get out of the car and touch her that I had trouble getting the door open. Just a few feet away and all the years vanished and we were again toddlers, young girls, teens and the young women we once were. The day was not long enough to refresh all the memories or collect all the updates, but it was a start.

I told Rita of my current work with wildlife and PWR and our plight to continue to take birds in for care. I asked for her prayers that God would richly bless us if we were meant to be open for birds and mammals this coming spring. We continued with the updates on our adult lives and too soon had to say goodbye.

Last week, to my surprise, PWR received a gracious donation from Rita Beck. In lieu of gifts to her co works she made a donation in their honor to us. I am the one honored, and hope her work family will feel so as well. I went looking for a misplaced best friend and found her to be of a kind heart, strong spirit, and great faith.

Thank you Rita for honoring your friends through us. Your donation will completely cover the expense for milk formulas for our mammal babies in this coming season!

Donation in honor of:

Jenee Austin

Jill Clay

Mary Conrad

Lorie Corder

Liz Cranfill

Dusty Creed

Angie Hall

Gina Harrison

Treva Hartwig

Matt Hill

Tracey Holloway

Sara Hutchens

Paulette Hutchens

Karen Isgett

Teresa Jones

Brenda Keith

Steve Kennedy

Tina Kottlowski

Gail Kozlowski

Sheila Lambeth

Joe Leftwich

Katrina Long

Paula Martin

David Monroe

Joyce Partin

Catrina Qualls

Richard Roper

Greg Schutrum

Susan Scruggs

Diane Simon

Bonnie Sloan

Angie Snow

Darrell Stultz

Kim Thomas

Tammy Wagoner

Keith Wicker

Shawn Wooten

Tammie Wooten

Carol Yates

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